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ATA Mg® (Magnesium N-Acetyltaurinate )
is a patented, highly bioavailable active ingredient with unique,
scientifically validated properties

Invented by Professor Jean Durlach, an internationally renowned physician in the world of magnesium

Advantages of ATA Mg®

Magnesium Acetyltaurinate

A 3-in-1 salt

Highly bioavailable magnesium
Highly bioavailable taurine
Specific benefits of ATA Mg®

ATA Mg® provides magnesium (Mg) in the form of N-Acetyl taurine and has the properties of magnesium and taurine but also has unique properties specific to ATA Mg®.
Taurine is an essential amino acid with many functions in the nervous system. In particular, it is neuro-sedative and anxiolytic (GABA receptor ligand).


Double interest

1. Higher bioavailability of Mg and taurine

The acetylation of taurine gives ATA Mg® a lipophilic character which facilitates the passage of ATA Mg® across the blood-brain barrier and thus its penetration into neuronal cells.

2. Modulation of neuroexcitation

Structural analogy of ATA Mg® to the two major excitatory neurotransmitters (glutamic acid and kainic acid), which allows it to modulate neuro-excitation.

Scientific proof

Several studies have proven the unique efficacy of ATA Mg® on brain and cognitive functions as well as on the women comfort of life

Bioavailability of ATA Mg®


High intestinal bioavailability
Intestinal absorption 20-30% higher than other magnesium salts [1].
High brain bioavailability
Better cerebral passage with a non-dose dependent effect : a much lower dose of Mg++ is necessary to reach the brain (compared to other magnesium salts) [2-3 ].

ATAMg® for brain and cognitive functions

Reduction of stress and anxiety

• Magnesium deficiency can be an aggravating factor in stress and anxiety.
A study has shown that the taking ATA Mg® is correlated with a reduction in anxiety[2].

Improvement of memory and cognitive functions

• A decrease in magnesium concentration is observed in the brain during aging leading an alteration in neuronal excitability, decrease in synaptic transmission and impaired cognition. One study indicates that ATA Mg® increases synaptic density and may play a beneficial role in memory and learning processes [4].

Relief of head trauma symptoms

• One study showed that ATA Mg® prevents morphological damage and cell death (apoptosis) caused by head trauma[5].

Reduction of migraine and epilepsy seizures

• One study indicates that ATA Mg® reduces neuronal hyperactivity [6] and can thus reduce the number and intensity of migraines.
• Another study also showed that ATA Mg® could reduce epileptic seizures [7].

ATA Mg® for the women comfort of life

1 in 2 women worldwide suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

This syndrom is characterized by emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms that occur in the luteal phase before menstruation.


ATA Mg® relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrom

• Stress, anxiety
• Nervous tension, Mood swings, Irritability
• Depression
• Fatigue, Insomnia
• Headache
• Breast tenderness
• Abdominal bloating

The effectiveness of ATA Mg® in relieving menstrual migraines and PMS symptoms has been demonstrated in patients.


CLINICAL CASE: ATA Mg® reduces menstrual migraine episodes

The efficacy of ATA Mg® was studied in a 27-year-old woman who had been prone to migraine attacks since the age of 17.
This patient received 2×350 mg of ATA Mg® per day for 2 months, combined with a few dietary rules.
This clinical case demonstrated that ATA Mg® can reduce menstrual migraine attacks,
but also mood disorders, stress, anxiety and breast pain [8].

CLINICAL STUDY: Action of ATA Mg® on premenstrual syndrome

The efficacy of ATA Mg® was evaluated on 20 PMS symptoms in 19 women aged between 18 and 45 years.

The study showed that 770 mg of ATA Mg® induced a statistically significant decrease in all studied symptoms of PMS after the third menstrual cycle [9].

Magnesium Acetyltaurinate
Magnesium Acetyltaurinate

Formulation et galenics

No taste issues
Easily soluble
Suitable for all forms:
• Capsules
• Tablets
• Sticks, sachets
• Drinkable solution



Regulation (EC) n° 1170/2009, Annex II
Ordonnance DFI p4625, 13/10/2010, Annex 47
Magnesium Acetyl Taurinate under the trade name ATA Mg® received a no objection letter to its NDI
(new dietary ingredient) filing under reference NDI 1139
ATA Mg® as Magnesium acetyl taurate is recognized by Health Canada as a NHP (natural health product)
and is listed in the NHPID (Natural health products ingredients Database)


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Jean Durlach

ATA Mg® was invented by Professor Jean Durlach (1925-2017), one of the greatest magnesium specialists.
He was one of the first scientists/pioneers to perceive the importance of magnesium at the physiological level and has always played a pioneering role in this field.
Professor Jean Durlach also initiated the creation of the International Society for the Development of Magnesium Research (ISDM) and the publication of Magnesium Research. His work has been the subject of more than 300 publications and a book « Le Magnésium en Pratique Clinique » (JB. Baillière, Paris 1985) which has been translated into several languages.

His contribution has been recognised by several universities, which have awarded him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.


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